Umpire Centre is an online umpire assignment service with one purpose: to make umpire assignment as easy and hassle free as possible to all parties involved.

Umpire Centre offers the tools for administrators to automate and verify the entire assignment process and for umpires to manage their game preferences and schedules. The end result is that game officials are appointed to appropriate games consistently, fairly, and reliably.

The Umpire Centre system uses this website ( as an access point. Game officials and administrators (the users) access the service through a user login, which brings them to their respective account pages. This is where they access their Umpire Centre tools and features.

At the heart of the system is a database that drives both the administrator and umpire tools. Data is shared between both user types via this database; so when information is updated by one user, the result is immediately reflected in the other user's view. For example, as soon as an umpire accepts a game assignment offering, the administrator will immediately see this change.